Top 3 Benefits of Jade Facial Rollers

jade rollers

When it comes to exquisite natural skin care, oftentimes the ancient ways will point us in the right direction and jade facial rollers have been around for at least 1,000 years. Jade rollers are effective, inexpensive, and have a mystique that is hard to quantify. They are used for keeping the skin healthy, elastic, and … Read more

How to Create a Natural Skin Care Routine: Easily + Affordably

skin care ingredients

Natural skin care is super easy. Really. Developing an inexpensive and effective natural skin care routine for yourself can be simple and quick. We can use oils, clays, essential oils, herbs, and other ingredients to cover all of our skin needs and know that what is going on our skin is healthy. It also doesn’t … Read more

How to Deal with ANY Skin Issue Naturally

Ok. I love helping people learn how to care for their bodies and skin naturally, using very basic ingredients. I also get a thrill from sharing my experiments and hearing about your recipes and formulas. Most often, people seek out natural solutions when they are having skin issues. Some of the biggest ones that I … Read more

How to Use Pearl Powder for Best Results

how to take pearl powder internally

Pearl Powder is an anti-aging, refining, make your skin glow powder that you will want to try.  Click here if you didn’t get a chance to read 3 Gorgeous Ways Pearl Powder Can Transform Your Skin. Now that you have a good idea of why to use pearl powder, let’s talk about how to use … Read more

7 Reasons Soap Is the Worst Cleanser for Your Face (and What You Should Use Instead)

soap dries the skin

Most people use soap to wash their face and whole body. It is like social conditioning. Let me tell you that being squeaky clean isn’t a good thing! Here is why soap is the worst cleanser for your face: 1) It Dries the Skin. Harshly stripping the oils from your skin takes away it’s protective … Read more

Break Free from the Chains of Beauty to Be Beautiful

break free of beauty ideal

Beauty. Beauty, beauty, beauty. How does that feel? Where do you feel those words? Do you feel an anticipatory hope or fear? Do you hope you’ll be picked? Do you fear you’ll be rejected? Are you rating yourself? Or comparing? I have had times in my life when I felt terribly ugly. When my skin … Read more

Here’s a Quick Way to Get a Dewy Glow + De-Stress at the Same Time

water and oil ritual

Earthing is a convenient verb for describing our natural state as humans: connected to the Earth. Human cells are perfectly designed for the Earth: the elements, animals, plants, minerals. Our nervous system is a finely tuned instrument and the part that communicates between body and spirit. So earthing is really the proper alignment of our … Read more

Best Natural Skin Care Shops

These shops are all natural, though I always recommend reading the ingredient list and asking questions when you have them. My criteria for choosing these shops is: They are all natural and list their ingredients. The companies utilize sustainable, ethical and enlightened business practices. Here are some favorite, natural places to buy skin, body, and hair care. JUST NATURAL ORGANIC CARE Just Natural is really great for a few reasons. Of course, they use fine oils, butters, and other natural ingredients. They also have completeContinue Reading…

5 Ways to Boost Your Beauty without Spending More Time

You are so juicy, I just know it! And you probably don’t have lots of extra time, because we live in an insane world….or because you are judicious about how you use it! Vitality is this electric POWER that we all have, often it lies dormant and then we “sleep”. When it is boosted, quickened, … Read more

Best Natural Oils for Under $20

Skin care oils should be cold-pressed, organic, and fresh for maximum results. Using oils on my skin brings out my SPARK~~ wild, juicy, soft skin~~ so much so I love touching it. You can too with natural oils. And you certainly don’t have to spend $30 per ounce for a high quality oil! that is … Read more