How to Make a Hydrating Rose Water Recipe with Only 3 Magical Ingredients

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This rose water recipe embraces the healing properties of just three ingredients. There are many ways to use rose water, from using it to flavor foods and as an ingredient in natural creams.I find this skin toner to be perfect for overheated or even sunburned skin and it smells sooo good you’ll just love it.

Rose water itself is made as part of the distillation process in making rose essential oil. Many pounds of fresh rose petals are needed to yield very small amounts of the essential oil and the rose water (also called the hydrosol). This rose water recipe is made with already prepared rose water.

Even though I wear a natural sunblock and a hat when I am in the sun that my skin will still feel hot and somehow I manage to catch a tan.

Anyways, let me explain why I love these three ingredients and how magical they are for the skin :)

All these ingredients can be purchased here.

  • Aloe vera has major anti-inflammatory properties makes it great for healing wounds, cooling down burns and regenerating cells.
  • Sandalwood essential oil is anti-inflammatory, very grounding and has hydrating properties (helps the skin hold water in better) so it is great for dry and dehydrated skin. This is also just a great overall essential oil for the summer because it is so cooling and calming.
  • Rose Water is a very balancing, water-based extract from rose petals. Always be sure to buy pure and organic rose water. It is good for all skin types, helping to bring the skin to “neutral”, neither oily nor dry. It is also very cooling, soothing and hydrating.

The aromatherapeutic properties of rose come through in rose water as well. They include alleviating depression, opening the heart chakra and creating peace and calm. Too much sun and heat brings out the crankster in the best of us, yes? It is beautiful to have allies in nature to help bring us back to center and love.

Hydrating Aloe and Rose Water Recipe

The proportions are flexible here but I’m offering a basic 50 / 50 ratio. Also, this recipe can be increased or decreased depending on how much you want to make. Be sure to keep it refrigerated if you won’t be using right away, as it is water-based. It does have slight natural preservation though.


Organic rose water 4 ounces
Organic aloe vera gel 4 ounces
Sandalwood essential oil ~30-50 drops

My favorite place to buy all the ingredients for this rose water recipe


Mix the rose water and aloe gel together in a measuring cup. Add the essential oil, varying the drops based on your preference for smell. Pour the final mixture into either a spritzer or straight bottle.

To use this, make sure you shake well first as the essential oil will float to the top when it is sitting. It is also good to keep extra in the refrigerator.

A spritzer bottle is a great way to package this toner, as it is easier to use and keeps bacteria out. It also will last longer as it is more efficient in how much you use per application. Just be sure not to spray it in your eyes of course.

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