How to Use Pearl Powder for Best Results

how to take pearl powder internally

Pearl Powder is an anti-aging, refining, make your skin glow powder that you will want to try.  Click here if you didn’t get a chance to read 3 Gorgeous Ways Pearl Powder Can Transform Your Skin. Now that you have a good idea of why to use pearl powder, let’s talk about how to use … Read more

5 Essential Reasons You Should Have a Beauty Ritual

beauty ritual

I was talking with a friend recently and he was sharing about some skin concerns he is having. A very critical piece he’s missing is any sort of skin care ritual- rather he just wakes up and goes to bed without any preparation for the skin. Maybe you do this too? A few small beauty … Read more

Best Natural Skin Care Shops

These shops are all natural, though I always recommend reading the ingredient list and asking questions when you have them. My criteria for choosing these shops is: They are all natural and list their ingredients. The companies utilize sustainable, ethical and enlightened business practices. Here are some favorite, natural places to buy skin, body, and hair care. JUST NATURAL ORGANIC CARE Just Natural is really great for a few reasons. Of course, they use fine oils, butters, and other natural ingredients. They also have completeContinue Reading…

Sexiest Body Oil + Herb Blends in the World

Sex. Body. Juiciness. Love. Oils are the trees’ nut juice. Seriously. The pressing of the oils nuts and seeds is what allows the oil to come out. They are fatty, plump, silky, and have and allow GLIDE. Think about that ~~ Glide…. Fingers gliding across the skin, massaging, rubbing, feeling real GOOD. So naturally oils … Read more

How to Get Skin Care Results in Half the Time

Many people write to me asking for advice about skin conditions. This is tough, because I will need to know much more about what is going on to help. You know your skin best, living with it everyday. Use this knowledge to get results in half the time! Once I figured out what works for … Read more

Vitamin C Skin Care: How to Make a Mask and Using This Precious Substance to REjuvenate Your Complexion

Vitamin C’s use in skin care is becoming better known, particularly with topical uses. I like to experiment with skin care and so gave vitamin C a try. Honestly, it irritated my skin a bit! I also did not notice any changes to my skin but did not use it for very long because of … Read more

Herbcraft: How to Make Rose Oil

Learning how to make rose oil using the simplers’ method is quick and effective. Before we get into it though, read the article on the best oils for your skin type to figure out the best carrier oil for your unique skin type or condition. To make your rose oil the most potent it can be, you should know which type is best for you. With that checked out, let’s begin!! If you have access to fresh rose petals, you are abundantly blessed! Allow themContinue Reading…

Violet Flower Infused Oil Is Purple Magic

The violet is an especially medicinal little plant and making violet flower oil is literally magic. I went searching for these tiny beautiful flowers yesterday to make one my herbal oils that I often rave about. Though it took me three hours to find a healthy patch, once amongst the violets, it was all worth it. Making herbal oils is quite easy, yet, if you haven’t made one there are several points to keep in mind. You can read the full details on making herbalContinue Reading…

How to Make a Luscious Natural Skin Cream

A natural skin cream is a blend of oils and waters that are binded together. The addition of essential oils, extracts and natural preservatives add aesthetic and therapeutic value while increasing shelf life. Natural skin cream is one of the most challenging preparations to make, as oils and waters repel each other and so an emulsification can be complex. Emulsification involves temperature control of both oil and water phases, getting the blending time just right, and preventing separation from occurring. A truly natural skin creamContinue Reading…

Witch Hazel Astringent Is a Fantastic Multi-Use Herbal Remedy

Witch hazel astringent is a pretty well-known folk remedy here in America. It was used by the Native Americans for its tightening, toning, and soothing properties as a decoction. In the 1800’s it became a popular remedy in the mainstream and has managed to still be a rather common preparation. It is also called witch hazel extract. Being astringent is a property of some plants, particularly those high in tannins or other chemicals. An “astringent” is also used interchangeably with the term toner (that isContinue Reading…