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My inspiration for creating this site comes from my personal experience with caring for my body using the gifts of our planet. By using ingredients from nature such as clays, oils, herbs, and minerals, I was deepening my relationship with the earth which we are always connected to.

Additionally, skin care and beauty has always been a hobby and passion of mine and I love experimenting with new facials, new oils, and blending together what I’ve learned to figure out the plan that works best for me. I’ve also struggled with severe acne as a teenager and wish I had known then what I know now. Alas, at least I am informed on what to use for scarring.

Along with the School of Hard knocks, I’ve formally studied herbalism, biology, chemistry, permaculture, Kundalini yoga, and tai chi.

I’ve obtained a B.Sc. in Environmental Science / Chemistry and a M.Sc. in Sustainable Systems, Herbal Certification, and Reiki level 1 attunement.

My experience is strong in natural skin care, magical traditions, and self-growth and transformation. I had a handcrafted natural skin care line that I built from the ground up and have studied, experimented, and practiced herbalism and natural skin care for years.


I see so many people struggling with skin or hair issues and much of that comes from what they are using to care for themselves. It’s exciting to pass on information about natural ways and methods for skin and hair as often times the issues stem from synthetics that are loaded into commercial products.
Going natural is best for health AND beauty. Let’s get healthier together!

Peace + blessings,