How to Apply Natural Skin Care Oils Without Being Greasy

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I have been using natural skin care oils for years successfully and make custom blends for other people as well. I absolutely love oils and have converted over from creams almost entirely.

Some common questions I receive are ‘Won’t using oils make me greasy?’ or ‘will oils cause my skin to break out or clog my pores?’

While it is important to choose the right oil for your skin type, it is just as important to properly apply the oils. It is true, as you probably know, that applying oils incorrectly will just leave a layer of oil that just stays on the surface. Nobody wants that! And it prevents the oils from working since they are not being absorbed optimally.

The most important part of applying oils without getting greasy is to apply to damp or wet skin! Then massage and pat the oils into the skin, allow to be absorbed, and use a damp cloth to remove excess. When removing excess, literally just put the cloth over the skin and pat (don’t rub or pull or wipe).

That is all there is to it :)

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