Your Most Pressing Skin Needs, Vaginal Steaming, + Magical Hair

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I have taken a hiatus from new posts and have been expanding my knowledge in areas around body care, youthing (anti-aging) techniques, Tantra, and more. I’ve been really busy with getting a bodywork practice going and it is going well. The last year, I have worked with over 300 clients!

I have still been publishing about natural body care, however, and following are three articles that I have written.

So, now the pieces!

In The Magical Powers of Your Hair, I go over the top 3 more esoteric beliefs around hair. With these in mind, it gives a picture of where a hair problem could be stemming from if you have tried everything else. It doesn’t mean that short or long hair is better, which is how a few people interpreted the article. Basically, this discusses some core ideas around the power of hair and how it can be connected to other areas of life.

 “In Japanese traditions, hair is considered to contain the life essence and is a repository of fertility. It is believed that long hair is more sexually charged and potent. In Taoist traditions, it is said that for men, excessive emissions will lead to hair loss and premature aging.”

Follow up in that series is 5 Ancient Secrets To Seductive, Shiny & Incredibly Beautiful Hair

In this I go over tips around the best times to cut and care for your hair, brushing for thicker and healthier hair and more.

Finally, I wrote one more piece on Vaginal Steaming.

Have you heard of it? Not skin care related but certainly pulls aspects of body care together, haha! V-steaming has been around for a long time and is being resurrected as a health and wellness technique.

In it, I go over 10 herbs that are often used for the steam and their main purposes.

Awesome. Well, I hope you love those articles.

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