Your Most Pressing Skin Needs, Vaginal Steaming, + Magical Hair

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I have taken a hiatus from new posts and have been expanding my knowledge in areas around body care, youthing (anti-aging) techniques, Tantra, and more. I’ve been really busy with getting a bodywork practice going and it is going well. The last year, I have worked with over 300 clients! I have still been publishing … Read more

Abyangha: the Art of Self-Massaging with Oils for Skin Vibrancy and Overall Health

Abyangha is an Ayurvedic practice of daily self-massage with oils. It has so many benefits for the body and spirit, including amplifying skin health and moisture and strengthening the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems. On a more esoteric level, it protects us from negative outer influences and strengthens our natural boundaries and preferences. As you see, the practice of caring for the body includes more than the physical, as “matter” and “spirit” are inextricably connected. When we care for the body, we care for the soul.Continue Reading…