The Best Natural Razor Burn Treatments to Sooth Irritated Skin

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Razor burn treatment will help ease the discomfort, irritation and help to heal the bumps too. Razor burn is also called pseudofolliculitis barbae, razor bumps and shaving rash. It is a type of folliculitis- which means “inflamed hair follicles”.

The body reacts to the ingrown hair with a red and bumpy rash. It occurs more often in curly haired folks. While this article is specific for men and facial hair, all these tips can be applied regardless of what part of the body you are shaving!

Once you already have bumps, there are a few razor burn treatments to try to soothe the rash.

  1. The main ingredient in one commercial preparation is rubbing alcohol and I have known men who use just that followed by a rich cream with good success.
  2. You can try astringents as well. Two good ones for soothing and closing pores are listed below.
  3. You may need to allow the hair to grow in a bit until the ingrown hairs work themselves out.

Then follow the suggestions below the next time you shave to avoid another round of razor burn.

Suggestions for Prevention

Of course you can completely eliminate razor burn by growing a beard, or at least letting it grow out for 30 days to eliminate the ingrown hairs. Then use a single blade razor or electric razor. Basically this keeps the hair long. If this is out of the question, follow the steps below to create a new shaving routine.

Gentle exfoliation with sugar scrubs periodically can prevent ingrown hairs decreasing inflamed spots.

Prep the Skin by Warming It Up

Warming the skin prior to shaving will allow the pores to open and you will be able to get a closer shave with less irritation. Use a warm compress or shave in or after a hot shower.

Use a Natural Shaving Soap or Oil

Shaving soaps can be made that are gentle and properly lubricate the skin.

  • Mix liquid castile soap with aloe vera gel and 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil. This mixture can be put into a pump bottle and used for every shave.
  • Use a natural bar soap, especially with shea or cocoa butters or other rich emollients added. Just Natural Skin Care carries natural organic homemade soap perfect for shaving.
  • Use the “cap and brush” method. Put a bar of handmade soap in a cup. Using a shaving brush, get it slightly wet and swirl around in the soap. Then apply the soap to your face with the brush. In addition to it being a nice way to apply the soap, the brush strokes will slightly exfoliate the skin and increase circulation.
  • Or you can use a shave oil instead, which can be as simple as plain coconut, almond or olive oil with a few drops of essential oils like bay, black pepper, and/or sandalwood. Not only do these smell good, they are also antiseptic. Both the carrier oils and the essential oils for razor burn treatment recipes can be found at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Tips for Shaving to Decrease Razor Burn

Here are a couple basic tips to decrease the likelihood of getting razor burn in the first place:

  1. Shave in the direction of the hair rather than against it and do not stretch the skin when shaving.
  2. Take your time while shaving to avoid nicks and cuts.

Finish with a Bracing Astringent and Soothing Lotion

Astringents can help to close up pores and decrease inflammation, ease redness and prevent infections or sores.

Apply additional oil if skin feels tight or dry. You can use the same oil that you used to shave with! That is part of the power of natural skin care- each ingredient has a wide array of uses!

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