Sweet and Powerful Violet Is a Soothing Delight for Skin Care

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violets for skin care
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Violet is one of the moist, mucilaginous and demulcent herbs. It feels slippery and wet and is therefore very useful for dry skin conditions. It is also used often for its ability to dissolve abnormal skin cells and growths.

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Viola odorata

Habitat: Native to Europe and naturalized in North America. It can grow as a yard weed but prefers cool spots with dappled sun. It is a perennial. Read more about violet, including edible and other medicinal uses.

Parts used: leaves and flowers

Important Details About Using Viola for Skin Care

Both the leaf and flower are used in dry skin conditions, to curb growths, as a wound healer and in natural cancer treatments. In cancer treatments it is used as a poultice. It’s moist nature is suited for eczema and for healing dry and raw skin. It is also employed as an anti-inflammatory.

Viola can be put up fresh in vinegar, alcohol and oil. Being that it has a high water content, when making an infused-oil with this herb it is best to allow it to wither for a day or two to avoid mold growth. Then it can be made using a yogurt maker or the stove top method.

The properties & actions of both flowers and leaves:

  • Cool
  • Moist
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Dissolving
  • Softening

Viola is useful for the following skin conditions:

  • Eczema and other dry skin conditions
  • Natural skin cancer therapies (often combined with red clover and vervain; this use is based upon the herbal literature)
  • Inflammation
  • To soften hard skin like corns, warts and calluses
  • Anti-fungal
  • Wound healer for acne sores and pimples, abscesses and old wounds that won’t heal
  • For burns, crushed fresh leaves are mixed with honey and used as a poultice

Violet Essential Oil

This is a very rare and precious essential oil and it is often adulterated and difficult to find the real thing. The essential oil is made from the leaf and is used most often in high end perfumery as a green and floral note.

For skin care, the essential oil is used as a circulatory stimulant, for aging skin, acne and large pores. To extend the very expensive e.o. and to increase its therapeutic effects, add a few drops to a V. odorata leaf and flower-infused oil.

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