Essential Oils & Herbal Oils: 3 Big Differences

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There are many differences between essential oils and herbal oils. Matter of fact, the only real similarity is the plant from which they come… oftentimes, I see the two totally different products being confounded into one.

It is important to distinguish between the two. Many times I encounter people saying that they tried to make an herbal oil and it didn’t turn out how they expected. I suspect this is because they are imagining an essential oil as the final product. The two are completely different products; the most common part being the word ‘oil’.

While both are used frequently in natural skin care, they are as different as salt and clay.

What do you think the biggest difference between the two is?

Here are the 3 biggest differences:

1) Production

Essential and herbal oils are produced through totally different methods. While essential oils are made through a complex and sophisticated distillation process, herbal oils are made in many low tech ways and are quite fun to make at home.

2) Use

Each of these products has a totally different use, though both are used in natural skin care. E.O.’s are used in small amounts and herbal oils quite liberally! Herbal oils are the basis for the practice of abyangha, which tends the skin but also is very beneficial for the nerves, digestion and blood.

3) Scent

This is a biggie. Essential and herbal oils are very different in terms of scent and you’ll want to learn which is which. E.O.’s are used in aromatherapy for their scent and natural chemicals that produce therapeutic effects. Herbal oils are often very mild smelling or totally take on the smell of the carrier oil.

You can learn more about making herbal oils here:

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