Top 3 Benefits of Jade Facial Rollers

jade rollers

When it comes to exquisite natural skin care, oftentimes the ancient ways will point us in the right direction and jade facial rollers have been around for at least 1,000 years. Jade rollers are effective, inexpensive, and have a mystique that is hard to quantify. They are used for keeping the skin healthy, elastic, and … Read more

How to Get the Freshest Argan Oil for Skin + Hair Now

argan oil

Argan oil is some hot stuff. It’s loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids. It’s liquid gold peeps. Learn how you can get the freshest at the bottom of this post. The anti-oxidants in argan oil make it a super anti-aging (known as youthing around here) oil and also excellent for healing scarred or otherwise … Read more

How to Use Pearl Powder for Best Results

how to take pearl powder internally

Pearl Powder is an anti-aging, refining, make your skin glow powder that you will want to try.  Click here if you didn’t get a chance to read 3 Gorgeous Ways Pearl Powder Can Transform Your Skin. Now that you have a good idea of why to use pearl powder, let’s talk about how to use … Read more

7 Reasons Soap Is the Worst Cleanser for Your Face (and What You Should Use Instead)

soap dries the skin

Most people use soap to wash their face and whole body. It is like social conditioning. Let me tell you that being squeaky clean isn’t a good thing! Here is why soap is the worst cleanser for your face: 1) It Dries the Skin. Harshly stripping the oils from your skin takes away it’s protective … Read more

3 Gorgeous Ways Pearl Powder Can Transform Your Skin

pearl powder

Pearl powder- Zhen Zhu- is literally crushed up pearls. It is dry, nourishing, salty, and sweet. Pearl powder has been used as a beauty tonic, to nourish the heart, and calm the spirit in Asia for a really long time. It is used cosmetically with great repute because it nourishes and gorgeously youths (anti-ages) the … Read more

Top 40 Most Skin-Loving Natural Products, SuperFoods, + Ingredients

Over the years, I have experimented with countless clays, oils, herbs, salves, recipes, soaps, toners, essential oils, minerals, foods, vitamins, and other natural ingredients to find 1) what makes me feel healthy, alive, and beautiful and 2) what actually works for cleansing, youthing, and creating that shine and luster for skin and hair. I do … Read more

My Favorite Natural Body Care Products

Here is a listing of my very favorite body care products, with links to great suppliers. All of the products listed, I either have or use regularly. Of course, with everything, you have to figure out what works best for you! I’ve been developing this list for years now. But, it is a great place to share some really powerful + potent skin care magic. If you scroll down, you will see the following sections with product listings: favorite skin care, hair care, essential oils,Continue Reading…

Best Natural Skin Care Shops

These shops are all natural, though I always recommend reading the ingredient list and asking questions when you have them. My criteria for choosing these shops is: They are all natural and list their ingredients. The companies utilize sustainable, ethical and enlightened business practices. Here are some favorite, natural places to buy skin, body, and hair care. JUST NATURAL ORGANIC CARE Just Natural is really great for a few reasons. Of course, they use fine oils, butters, and other natural ingredients. They also have completeContinue Reading…

Best Natural Oils for Under $20

Skin care oils should be cold-pressed, organic, and fresh for maximum results. Using oils on my skin brings out my SPARK~~ wild, juicy, soft skin~~ so much so I love touching it. You can too with natural oils. And you certainly don’t have to spend $30 per ounce for a high quality oil! that is … Read more

How to Get Skin Care Results in Half the Time

Many people write to me asking for advice about skin conditions. This is tough, because I will need to know much more about what is going on to help. You know your skin best, living with it everyday. Use this knowledge to get results in half the time! Once I figured out what works for … Read more