Top 40 Most Skin-Loving Natural Products, SuperFoods, + Ingredients

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Over the years, I have experimented with countless clays, oils, herbs, salves, recipes, soaps, toners, essential oils, minerals, foods, vitamins, and other natural ingredients to find 1) what makes me feel healthy, alive, and beautiful and 2) what actually works for cleansing, youthing, and creating that shine and luster for skin and hair.

I do this because I LOVE it and am an ecofreak and because I want to arouse the development of wildly natural, ecstatic women and men around the world.

>>>>What the hell does natural skin care have to do with ecstasy?<<<<

Well, we can use natural body care, self-love, and ancient practices of transformation to touch the bliss and beauty of the Divine in ourselves! Spirit in matter….

So, I put together a listing of my very favorite body care products, with links to great suppliers. All of the products on the list are what I have boiled down to the best and most important ones to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. My philosophy is pretty simplistic; I know you don’t need to try every new thing on the market so I’ve listed the best and kept it simple.

Of course, with everything, you have to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Particularly, consider your personal energetic constitution and the energetics of the products listed. Do they cooperate?

Make sure you scroll all the way down as you will see the following sections with product listings: favorite skin care, hair care, essential oils, and food / herbs / supplements for skin. Under the headings, I’ve further organized where possible (like different types of skin care; cleansing, exfoliating, etc).

I’m excited to share some really powerful + potent skin care magic with you.


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