Break Free from the Chains of Beauty to Be Beautiful

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Beauty, beauty, beauty.

How does that feel?

Where do you feel those words?

Do you feel an anticipatory hope or fear?

Do you hope you’ll be picked?

Do you fear you’ll be rejected?

Are you rating yourself? Or comparing?

I have had times in my life when I felt terribly ugly. When my skin was really bad, I avoided going out and being seen and was suicidal. At a younger age, my best friend and I played this terrible game where we would rate everyone’s looks. And I have had times of just feeling plain or awkward. I have broken free of the chains in many ways and feel great today.

Aren’t We All Beautiful?

Beauty is a real value and it also can be scary if you are not at the top of the pecking order.

Beauty as value means seeing the Goddess in everything, appreciating colors, shapes, lighting, taking in the full picture of what is on and below the surface.

Beauty is not just visual, it is sensual- how a person speaks or the tone of their voice, the way textures feel, tastes and all of our sensual joys.

This being said, some people are considered more beautiful than others, to be blunt. Much of that is cultural and so this changes as cultures change. And each person within that culture will have their own feelings on beauty.

So, the very real concern comes up when girls are raised to tie their personal value to how they look. When they are taught in myriad ways that what they look like is most important. That attracting men, specifically, is what they are worth. This can be an issue for males as well, but mostly the hit has been to women.

What happens if you’re not considered culturally beautiful or if you lose that beauty somehow?

What happens if you only get what you want based on your looks?

Tap Into Infinite Beauty

When we approach being beautiful from a place of abundance and joy, we grow in beauty- that quality of SPARK. When it is approached from a place of fear, it becomes a way to reject ourselves and keep our gifts hidden. WE ARE HERE TO SHINE.

What I’m trying to say is this:

It feels great to be as beautiful outwardly as you can be. It also is available to everyone, as we fully are ourselves. There are also many practices and natural products that can increase the image we put out there. But then, once you’ve done what you want to do, let go of the pressure.

We can be realistic that some people are extra super gorgeous and others not so much. I see this as a different distribution of gifts. It’s ok. We all have enormous tremendous value other than looks.

5 Ways to Not Let the Beauty Ideal Crush You

1) Work with what you have. Be as healthy as you can. Decorate yourself.

2) Come from a place of self-love, acceptance, and abundance.

3) Be radically You. When you stand in front of the mirror, play with your image. Make your hair crazy or be more dramatic with jewelry and see what looks good to you. Just play. Then go out like that :P

4) Accept and appreciate those you find attractive and attractive features of people. Spread the love.

5) Take special care of yourself with natural body care, rituals, and massage.

What other techniques would you add?

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