Break Free from the Chains of Beauty to Be Beautiful

break free of beauty ideal

Beauty. Beauty, beauty, beauty. How does that feel? Where do you feel those words? Do you feel an anticipatory hope or fear? Do you hope you’ll be picked? Do you fear you’ll be rejected? Are you rating yourself? Or comparing? I have had times in my life when I felt terribly ugly. When my skin … Read more

5 Ways to Boost Your Beauty without Spending More Time

You are so juicy, I just know it! And you probably don’t have lots of extra time, because we live in an insane world….or because you are judicious about how you use it! Vitality is this electric POWER that we all have, often it lies dormant and then we “sleep”. When it is boosted, quickened, … Read more


OUR STORY My inspiration for creating this site comes from my personal experience with caring for my body using the gifts of our planet. By using ingredients from nature such as clays, oils, herbs, and minerals, I was deepening my relationship with the earth which we are always connected to. Additionally, skin care and beauty has always been a hobby and passion of mine and I love experimenting with new facials, new oils, and blending together what I’ve learned to figure out the plan thatContinue Reading…