5 Ways to Boost Your Beauty without Spending More Time

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You are so juicy, I just know it! And you probably don’t have lots of extra time, because we live in an insane world….or because you are judicious about how you use it!

Vitality is this electric POWER that we all have, often it lies dormant and then we “sleep”. When it is boosted, quickened, stirred, it is powerful like an ocean wave. Yep, you are that powerful.

This spark gives shine to the eyes, glow to the skin, and overall JUICE. I know you want it. We all do. It’s why we are alive.

I want to give you 5 ways to boost your power and not take up all your time. I respect you.

1) Fire Breath with Aura Cleanse. Raise the Pink Bubble.

30 seconds of breath of fire will cleanse your lungs and get you jamming. This is breathing with greater emphasis on the exhale, coordinating a contraction in the belly with the exhale. Video to follow, but first I want to tell you to raise the pink bubble.

When you are done, take your hands from the ground up to your head. When you do this, do it slowly, and imagine a beautiful pink bubble around you. You are raising that pink energy, which is peace and love.

Now, a video for Fire Breath:

2) Sex Center Rolls.

Belly dance moves cleanse and activate all the chakras. For a quick electric voltage, move your pelvis forward then backward, slowly then more quickly. Clench your sex (this is like a kegel) when you do this. Now, roll your hips in a circle until you feel gooooodddd ;)

3) Chanting and Devotional Prayer.

I have been chanting Hare Krishna for a few months now. Every morning, for at least a few minutes. Prayer works, as well as any other mantras you prefer, to get the juice flowing.

4) Putting all of your energy into this now moment. Do it, whatever it is, with fervor.

So the big secret here is that YOU are the only one stopping your electricity and YOU are the only one who can activate it. In this moment you have the opportunity to put all of your life force into whatever you are doing. This is being fully present. In this alive state, the most mundane aspects of life light up!

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