How to Deal with ANY Skin Issue Naturally

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Ok. I love helping people learn how to care for their bodies and skin naturally, using very basic ingredients. I also get a thrill from sharing my experiments and hearing about your recipes and formulas.

Most often, people seek out natural solutions when they are having skin issues. Some of the biggest ones that I hear about are acne, eczema, dry skin (hormonal or menopausal), psoriasis, dark spots, and rosacea. Are you with me there?

There absolutely ARE herbs, oils, powders, and other ingredients that will be specific for each of these conditions.

I discovered natural skin care after dealing with severe cystic acne as a teenager. These are some keys that I would have loved to have access to at that age!

My passion then grew as I realized how when combined with lifestyle practices, natural skin care is the way to go for anti-aging / youthing. I see this as maintaining the optimum health of the skin for the longest period of time. Nothing wrong or bad about aged skin and it is inevitable eventually. However, it is fun to realize that we have some control there (and it doesn’t need to be super expensive and time-consuming).

AND before using anything really specific for a CONDITION, you really want to make sure you get the basics straight.

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