How to Create a Natural Skin Care Routine: Easily + Affordably

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Natural skin care is super easy. Really.

Developing an inexpensive and effective natural skin care routine for yourself can be simple and quick.

We can use oils, clays, essential oils, herbs, and other ingredients to cover all of our skin needs and know that what is going on our skin is healthy. It also doesn’t have to be super pricey and in a nice bottle.

Oftentimes, the active ingredients in expensive branded products are in very low percentages which makes them less effective.

Now, a well-made finished natural product is quite convenient and sometimes that is more important than anything else. I get it. I am not knocking using formulated and packaged products, I have some that I use and love as well.

Creating a natural skin care routine can be super easy and not costly at all.

For example, clays or oil can be used for cleansing. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a toner. And serums are made from oils and active ingredients. That is all we need to get started!

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