Here’s a Quick Way to Get a Dewy Glow + De-Stress at the Same Time

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Earthing is a convenient verb for describing our natural state as humans: connected to the Earth.
Human cells are perfectly designed for the Earth: the elements, animals, plants, minerals. Our nervous system is a finely tuned instrument and the part that communicates between body and spirit.

So earthing is really the proper alignment of our magnetic energy field with the Earth. There are many ways to do this. Basically, anything that is natural tunes this system.

A very easy way to earth is to use natural materials for skin care. The longer I use and study natural skin care, the more I lean towards using raw or minimally prepared products, like oils, floral waters, grains, herbs, clays, and mud. The skin really is healthy by nature so lack of health may be more about balancing the skin and body systems rather than loading on lots of stuff.

Over the years of using natural skin care, I have noticed that it is a similar experience to going into the forest. That is, it connects us with nature. We bring nature in when we use natural skin care. Every natural ingredient has its own intelligence and this is on spirit level. Spirit and matter are connected, products from nature are alive and spirit combines with spirit!

So, using natural skin care merges nature with us through our skin. Using natural skin care over time, your connection with nature expands; you can gain insights for your life, your path. It helps to soothe nerves and calm stress.

Here’s a magical ritual that will make your skin dewy and healthy, and at the same time help you to de-stress!

Love My Skin Water + Oil Ritual

1) Dry Brush your whole lovely body. It’s a good idea to always work towards the heart so that you are detoxifying internally as well (3 minutes)

2) Take a shower, using natural soaps and natural hair care, preferably with clays. Here’s the best place for hair care products that use clays, seaweeds, herbs, and other goodness (5-10 minutes)

3) When standing in the shower, still wet, apply an herbal oil liberally to your whole body. I’ve been working with nettle-infused grapeseed oil and it’s grand for over-reactive, sensitive skin. Over-reaction happens when the body is trying too hard to protect itself (2 minutes)

4) Take some moments to massage and rub your skin, following your desire in pressure and strokes. Sometimes I find myself vigorously exercising my skin and other times my pressure needs to be light. Use your instinct (1 minute)

5) If time allows, only dry off enough to not soak the floor, lol, but lay somewhere sensing what is going on in your body and air dry (5 minutes)

This doesn’t need to add more than 10 minutes to your usual showering ritual and your skin will be dewy, you will have earthed, and the stress will literally come out of your pores!!

Try it and let me know what your experience is!

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