Love on This Natural Hair Loss Remedy: the Silver Grapeseed Elixir

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So in my previous post about natural hair care, I shared how I discovered Morrocco Method, the most awesome hair care company thus far. To be fair, the prices are not meek :) but the product is worth it.

To recap, I was having some hair loss to the point where I could see my scalp a lil too much. I’ve always had thinner hair on the top (which is a Pitta hair pattern) so losing any of it was an issue. It’s super scary to experience hair falling out and feeling powerless over doing anything about it.

The Silver Grapeseed Elixir is part of the Beginner Series of restoring elixirs. It is best if used in conjunction with other products and techniques, detailed here.


Let me say, the scent is amazingly refreshing and lovely. It’s like a cross between a light cologne and a high note floral. The bottle is sleek and SILVER of course. It is in a convenient pump bottle for easy application.

To use it, you just pump once into the hairline and other areas where you are seeing thinning and then massage it in lightly. You want to do this before bed so that it has a chance to soak in.

Does It Work?

Last year, it made a huge difference and baby hairs began growing back about a week or two after I finished the bottle (treatment is about a week).

This year, the baby hairs started coming in right away, seriously like the next day after first treatment.

You definitely need to address the underlying imbalance. Stress, hormones, and candida are common culprits behind hair loss. Creating a holistic self-care plan which includes products, foods, and practices will yield the best results, just like anything in life.

However, with just cutting out chemical body and hair care and replacing with the most powerful natural products out there, you will see results!

Here is a list of what to use the Silver Grapeseed Elixir for:

• Anyone experiencing hair loss or hair fall
• Balancing oily scalp
• Promoting healthy hair renewal

I’m super excited to continue using MM products and get more into following their Lunar Hair Chart. I have full faith that following the protocol they suggest will create the healthiest scalp and hair possible. Everyone’s hair is different, so it is about bringing each of us to our full hair potential.

Want to try the Silver Grapeseed Elixir and Golden Diamond Crystal Elixir?


Peace + love peeps.

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