How to Get the Freshest Argan Oil for Skin + Hair Now

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Argan oil is some hot stuff. It’s loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids. It’s liquid gold peeps. Learn how you can get the freshest at the bottom of this post.

The anti-oxidants in argan oil make it a super anti-aging (known as youthing around here) oil and also excellent for healing scarred or otherwise damaged or uneven skin. Argan oil comes from the argan tree (Argania spinosa) and is native to the semi-desert Sous valley of southwestern Morocco and to the Algerian region of Tindouf in the western Mediterranean region.

It is therefore, a tree well-adapted for dry and arid climate, which informs it’s cosmetic use as well.

Its energetics are light to medium weight and the temperature is about neutral.

This means it is excellent for dry, normal, or oily skin, with the vitamin E, squalene, carotenoids, essential fatty acids, and polyphenols making it premier for youthing, and also healing acne and acne scars.

Here is a list of excellent uses of argan oil:

• Anti-aging for the skin
• Heal acne, acne scars, and blemishes
• Lightens stretch marks
• Strengthens nails
• Makes hair soft and cools down frizz
• Useful to soothe itchy, dry skin
• Used to treat eczema

The oil is cold-pressed, unrefined, and not heated so that it retains all its natural deliciousness.

How to Use Argan Oil

I love to use argan oil in the morning or night, applied to damp skin on the face and neck. For an extra boost, add some carrot seed essential oil.

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