Love on This Natural Hair Loss Remedy: the Silver Grapeseed Elixir

natural hair loss remedy

So in my previous post about natural hair care, I shared how I discovered Morrocco Method, the most awesome hair care company thus far. To be fair, the prices are not meek :) but the product is worth it. To recap, I was having some hair loss to the point where I could see my … Read more

Best Natural Skin Care Shops

These shops are all natural, though I always recommend reading the ingredient list and asking questions when you have them. My criteria for choosing these shops is: They are all natural and list their ingredients. The companies utilize sustainable, ethical and enlightened business practices. Here are some favorite, natural places to buy skin, body, and hair care. JUST NATURAL ORGANIC CARE Just Natural is really great for a few reasons. Of course, they use fine oils, butters, and other natural ingredients. They also have completeContinue Reading…

Bay Rum Oil: Use it to Make a Fresh Beard Oil with a Classy, Sexy Scent

Bay rum oil is a classic fragrance for men originally made in the west Indies and is used as a cologne, aftershave and skin toner. It is made like a tincture of some very readily available ingredients. There are really 2 distinct products here: an aftershave and an oil. Both of these products can be used for deodorant purposes. Yes, many potential mates want you to smell like the spicy and natural Earth! Homemade or all natural products are not offensive like chemical products. TheyContinue Reading…