3 Gorgeous Ways Pearl Powder Can Transform Your Skin

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Pearl powder- Zhen Zhu- is literally crushed up pearls. It is dry, nourishing, salty, and sweet.

Pearl powder has been used as a beauty tonic, to nourish the heart, and calm the spirit in Asia for a really long time. It is used cosmetically with great repute because it nourishes and gorgeously youths (anti-ages) the skin.

I love love love pearl powder and it makes my skin glow and feel good! I am going to start using it internally as well, as it is fantastic for cooling the blood, clearing the liver, and calming the heart. These actions can lead to more inner peace and calm- which I need :)

So, here are 3 of the reasons that you want to consider using Pearl Powder as well:

1) Youthing (Anti-Aging) Benefits

Pearl Powder contains 18 amino acids, plus more than a dozen minerals. Amino acids are the building blocks of collagen, and so your body needs them to continue to create collagen. Collagen and elastin are what keep our skin plump and firm.

2) Make Your Skin Glow

Pearl Powder is Heart Medicine, nourishing Shen (term for Spirit) and is heart supportive. It calms and lifts the spirit, alleviates stress and makes you smile. It also cools the blood, which reduces inflammation and redness. Joy is integral in beauty and shines through on your skin as a healthy color and shine.

3) Solve Skin Issues

how to apply pearl powder
One way to apply pearl powder is to mix it before each use with your favorite cream.

Pearl Powder is traditionally used to solve skin issues including hyperpigmentation, rashes, moist eczema, dermatitis, mild acne, and dark spots. It does this externally applied as a cream or mixed with oil and internally by addressing imbalances in the circulatory, digestive, and other systems.

Don’t get it twisted, this is powerful stuff, here are some of the many other uses of pearl powder:

  • Detoxify the body
  • Clean and clear the skin
  • Remove age and liver spots
  • Give the skin a younger appearance
  • Adjust the body’s energy
  • Calm the liver
  • Relieve stress!!
  • Adjust the nervous system
  • Regulate the metabolism
  • Improve eyesight
  • Alleviate insomnia
  • Energize the body

Make sure you use a reputable source because some products directly from China can contain heavy metals and who knows what else.

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