5 Essential Reasons You Should Have a Beauty Ritual

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I was talking with a friend recently and he was sharing about some skin concerns he is having. A very critical piece he’s missing is any sort of skin care ritual- rather he just wakes up and goes to bed without any preparation for the skin.

Maybe you do this too?

A few small beauty rituals could drastically help to heal your skin.

I have had rituals since I was young and started breaking out. Though I continued to break out- sign of internal imbalance- the habit of caring for my skin a.m. and p.m. was instilled.

Indeed, I feel sooo uncomfortable when I don’t do my ritual. Incomplete like.

Here are 5 ways having a routine can change your skin:

1) Resolve Skin Issues!

There are internal and external factors with skin issues. By having a routine you are addressing the external- and it can help big time. You can apply topical medicinal herbs, clays, oils, and essential oils to directly help to heal the issue.

2) Counter Redness and Decrease Inflammation

This is related to number one. Throughout the day, our skin is the proud protector from toxins we encounter- pollution. By washing and cleansing, we literally remove these particles and help our skin remain calm and able to do its job.

3) Celebrate Yourself

It is important to acknowledge yourself with rituals as an act of self-love. A beauty ritual is a fantastic time to do that. Express gratitude for your body and senses during your rituals.

4) Be More Attractive

Rituals are grounding and natural skin care is grounding. Grounding keeps us connected to Spirit and the Earth and its benefits are less stress, more power, and more joy. These all increase our magnetism and make us more visually attractive.

5) Feel Fresh

I definitely feel un-fresh if I don’t have a chance to care for my teeth, skin, and hair regularly. There is an icky energy that accumulates throughout the day and that is removed by self-care. And during the night, there is detoxifying going on so it is good to wash that off in the morning.

Do you have a beauty ritual? Please share!

If you don’t, go ahead and check out these tips to get started.

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