Your Most Pressing Skin Needs, Vaginal Steaming, + Magical Hair

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I have taken a hiatus from new posts and have been expanding my knowledge in areas around body care, youthing (anti-aging) techniques, Tantra, and more. I’ve been really busy with getting a bodywork practice going and it is going well. The last year, I have worked with over 300 clients! I have still been publishing … Read more

Are You Feeling More Itchy & Dry in the Cold? 4 Natural Winter Skin Care Tips

I am offering these natural winter skin care tips both to prevent damage to the skin and to help the body to heal quickly and easily if you’ve already experienced irritation from the cold. This time of year is transitioning into KAPHA time, which in Ayurveda represents the cold and moist element. It is actually less drying than the VATA time (late fall/early winter), yet it is winter and it is cold :) How do we protect our skin from the harsh cold and fluctuatingContinue Reading…