Unleashed Gratitude to Light Up Beauty from Within

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Body transformation magic is the practice of changing the physical through the spiritual. Vibrating in gratitude is key to manifesting intentions. It also just makes life much more enjoyable, so that you may forget what you were so focused on manifesting! We have the ability to be our best selves in each moment. When in profound gratitude, this will shine through.

When you see the sparkle in someone’s eyes, this is that spirit. It is beautiful and alluring. The Chinese call this shen.


What does this have to do with natural body care you may be wondering?

For one, check out this amazing natural product that will naturally increase shen, leading to smooth, vibrant skin and calm attitude.

Well, the way each of us is our most beautiful self is by shining the light from within. This shines brightest when we are deeply grateful and joyful. This also allows us to manifest more easily, so if there is something you would like to change, check the body transformation steps. Gratitude is part of this process.

There are three steps to how gratitude and the manifestation process work together. This is from Wallace Wattles classic ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.

1) There is one Intelligent Substance from which all things proceed

2) This Substance gives you everything you desire

3) You relate yourself to it by a feeling of deep and profound gratitude

So, manifesting is not so much about attracting as raising our vibration to match what we want. Gratitude is a feeling that raises our vibration to match that of creation, making us powerful co-creators!

A 5-Minute Gratitude Practice

This is great to do daily as it increases all those good vibes throughout your day and helps increase awareness of all the juicy blessings around.

1) Put your focus on your heart center

2) Place left hand over right with thumbs touching

3) Imagine something you are grateful for

4) Allow the feeling of the gratitude to become fully unleashed. Unleashed means to feel the feeling at full capacity! Don’t hold back! Allow it to grow through your whole body.

5) Keep your heart open, feeling the gratitude move through your body.

Now you can carry this feeling throughout your day, and express gratitude for all the blessings around you all the time.

To apply this to your body, rather than focusing on what you want to change, focus on what you like about yourself instead! Amplify the love for certain qualities or looks about yourself. Also, your gratitude practice can be on feeling grateful for beauty around you or health or whatever it is that you want to change. See it and be joyful for it all around you now and you will welcome more of it into your life.

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