Youthing: Become Whole, Healthy + Your Most Beautiful Self

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Youthing is the act of re-aligning with our cells inherent intelligence. The cellular DNA knows exactly what to do to be healthy, fully active, thriving. This is Spirit knowledge and it never leaves us.

What happens is stuff gets added on: conditioning, trauma, stress. Stress is anything that makes the cells work harder~ preventing peace and flow. Some examples of stress: lack of sleep, junk foods, pollution, too much sun, too little sun, wind, cold heat, arguments and fighting, chemicals, unhappiness, pretending to be other than who you are. Did you consider all those things stress?

It is the same list as what causes disease at all levels, aging, and the loss of SPARK.

SPARK keeps us vibrant, beautiful, and ourselves. It connects us to others and life itself!

Youthing is an active process of regaining the joy of life, meditating deeply on our infinite well-being and trusting the body’s holiness and union with spirit.

It is also lifestyle choices and practices.

Youthing is multidimensional:

·         ~Topical

·         ~Internal

·         ~State of mind

·         ~Actions and practices

Topical: How Do You Anoint Your Body?

·         Natural skin care~ oils, clays, herbs, salts and other ingredients nourish, protect, detoxify and beautify your body. That is, of course, what you can find here on this site :)

Internal: How Do You nourish Yourself?

·         Foods
·         Vitamins
·         Herbs~ adaptogens such as nettles, red clover, ashwagandha

State of Mind: Are your thoughts, emotions, patterns working for or against you?

·         Gratitude
·         Relationships

Practices make you who you are

·         Stretching
·         Being in nature
·         Body care rituals
·         Daily self-massage with oils
·         Face massage
·         Do you have a daily practice?

Does this seem overwhelming? I feel you! It does seem like a lot, especially if you are just starting out on the journey of self-love and healing.

I started out about ten years ago, first by learning about herbal medicine and working with improving my health at a tender young age. From there, I quickly realized that what I was eating was crap and needed to change. That has been an adventure! During my herbal medicine studies, I was introduced to natural skin care and this site was born from all the wisdom I’ve tried and tested along the way.

Natural skin care is really holistic. While what we put on our skin is sooo important, it does not replace the other factors listed above. To really meet your fullest potential, it’s a lifestyle!

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