How to Get Skin Care Results in Half the Time

Many people write to me asking for advice about skin conditions. This is tough, because I will need to know much more about what is going on to help. You know your skin best, living with it everyday. Use this knowledge to get results in half the time! Once I figured out what works for … Read more

Vitamin C Skin Care: How to Make a Mask and Using This Precious Substance to REjuvenate Your Complexion

Vitamin C’s use in skin care is becoming better known, particularly with topical uses. I like to experiment with skin care and so gave vitamin C a try. Honestly, it irritated my skin a bit! I also did not notice any changes to my skin but did not use it for very long because of … Read more

What Are the Best Skin Care Oils for YOUR Skin Type?

This short 2-question quiz will guide you in the right direction about which skin oils are best for your skin type. Oils are individual and each has its own properties, including dryness/oiliness and warm/cool temperature. Knowing which ones are best for your skin will give you the best possible experience and results when using oils. For example, an oil that is warm and dry would be best suited for somebody with cool and oily skin, as it will bring that person’s skin closer to balance.Continue Reading…

Are You Feeling More Itchy & Dry in the Cold? 4 Natural Winter Skin Care Tips

I am offering these natural winter skin care tips both to prevent damage to the skin and to help the body to heal quickly and easily if you’ve already experienced irritation from the cold. This time of year is transitioning into KAPHA time, which in Ayurveda represents the cold and moist element. It is actually less drying than the VATA time (late fall/early winter), yet it is winter and it is cold :) How do we protect our skin from the harsh cold and fluctuatingContinue Reading…

Abyangha: the Art of Self-Massaging with Oils for Skin Vibrancy and Overall Health

Abyangha is an Ayurvedic practice of daily self-massage with oils. It has so many benefits for the body and spirit, including amplifying skin health and moisture and strengthening the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems. On a more esoteric level, it protects us from negative outer influences and strengthens our natural boundaries and preferences. As you see, the practice of caring for the body includes more than the physical, as “matter” and “spirit” are inextricably connected. When we care for the body, we care for the soul.Continue Reading…