Break Free from the Chains of Beauty to Be Beautiful

break free of beauty ideal

Beauty. Beauty, beauty, beauty. How does that feel? Where do you feel those words? Do you feel an anticipatory hope or fear? Do you hope you’ll be picked? Do you fear you’ll be rejected? Are you rating yourself? Or comparing? I have had times in my life when I felt terribly ugly. When my skin … Read more

Top 40 Most Skin-Loving Natural Products, SuperFoods, + Ingredients

Over the years, I have experimented with countless clays, oils, herbs, salves, recipes, soaps, toners, essential oils, minerals, foods, vitamins, and other natural ingredients to find 1) what makes me feel healthy, alive, and beautiful and 2) what actually works for cleansing, youthing, and creating that shine and luster for skin and hair. I do … Read more

Here’s a Quick Way to Get a Dewy Glow + De-Stress at the Same Time

water and oil ritual

Earthing is a convenient verb for describing our natural state as humans: connected to the Earth. Human cells are perfectly designed for the Earth: the elements, animals, plants, minerals. Our nervous system is a finely tuned instrument and the part that communicates between body and spirit. So earthing is really the proper alignment of our … Read more

Sexiest Body Oil + Herb Blends in the World

Sex. Body. Juiciness. Love. Oils are the trees’ nut juice. Seriously. The pressing of the oils nuts and seeds is what allows the oil to come out. They are fatty, plump, silky, and have and allow GLIDE. Think about that ~~ Glide…. Fingers gliding across the skin, massaging, rubbing, feeling real GOOD. So naturally oils … Read more

5 Ways to Boost Your Beauty without Spending More Time

You are so juicy, I just know it! And you probably don’t have lots of extra time, because we live in an insane world….or because you are judicious about how you use it! Vitality is this electric POWER that we all have, often it lies dormant and then we “sleep”. When it is boosted, quickened, … Read more

Best Natural Oils for Under $20

Skin care oils should be cold-pressed, organic, and fresh for maximum results. Using oils on my skin brings out my SPARK~~ wild, juicy, soft skin~~ so much so I love touching it. You can too with natural oils. And you certainly don’t have to spend $30 per ounce for a high quality oil! that is … Read more

How to Get Skin Care Results in Half the Time

Many people write to me asking for advice about skin conditions. This is tough, because I will need to know much more about what is going on to help. You know your skin best, living with it everyday. Use this knowledge to get results in half the time! Once I figured out what works for … Read more

Youthing: Become Whole, Healthy + Your Most Beautiful Self

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Youthing is the act of re-aligning with our cells inherent intelligence. The cellular DNA knows exactly what to do to be healthy, fully active, thriving. This is Spirit knowledge and it never leaves us. What happens is stuff gets added on: conditioning, trauma, stress. Stress is anything that makes the cells work harder~ preventing peace … Read more