Sexiest Body Oil + Herb Blends in the World

Sex. Body. Juiciness. Love. Oils are the trees’ nut juice. Seriously. The pressing of the oils nuts and seeds is what allows the oil to come out. They are fatty, plump, silky, and have and allow GLIDE. Think about that ~~ Glide…. Fingers gliding across the skin, massaging, rubbing, feeling real GOOD. So naturally oils … Read more

5 Ways to Boost Your Beauty without Spending More Time

You are so juicy, I just know it! And you probably don’t have lots of extra time, because we live in an insane world….or because you are judicious about how you use it! Vitality is this electric POWER that we all have, often it lies dormant and then we “sleep”. When it is boosted, quickened, … Read more

How to Get Skin Care Results in Half the Time

Many people write to me asking for advice about skin conditions. This is tough, because I will need to know much more about what is going on to help. You know your skin best, living with it everyday. Use this knowledge to get results in half the time! Once I figured out what works for … Read more


OUR STORY My inspiration for creating this site comes from my personal experience with caring for my body using the gifts of our planet. By using ingredients from nature such as clays, oils, herbs, and minerals, I was deepening my relationship with the earth which we are always connected to. Additionally, skin care and beauty has always been a hobby and passion of mine and I love experimenting with new facials, new oils, and blending together what I’ve learned to figure out the plan thatContinue Reading…

Bay Rum Oil: Use it to Make a Fresh Beard Oil with a Classy, Sexy Scent

Bay rum oil is a classic fragrance for men originally made in the west Indies and is used as a cologne, aftershave and skin toner. It is made like a tincture of some very readily available ingredients. There are really 2 distinct products here: an aftershave and an oil. Both of these products can be used for deodorant purposes. Yes, many potential mates want you to smell like the spicy and natural Earth! Homemade or all natural products are not offensive like chemical products. TheyContinue Reading…

Abyangha: the Art of Self-Massaging with Oils for Skin Vibrancy and Overall Health

Abyangha is an Ayurvedic practice of daily self-massage with oils. It has so many benefits for the body and spirit, including amplifying skin health and moisture and strengthening the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems. On a more esoteric level, it protects us from negative outer influences and strengthens our natural boundaries and preferences. As you see, the practice of caring for the body includes more than the physical, as “matter” and “spirit” are inextricably connected. When we care for the body, we care for the soul.Continue Reading…