Tamanu Oil Is Soft, Smooth + Silky But Is It For You?

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You may have heard about tamanu oil being used to heal acne and acne scarring, along with some other benefits of the oil. This is a rich and thick oil with a long history of use in its native habitat. I personally love it, all the way down to its odd aroma :) It is absorbed really quickly into my skin and does not leave a greasy finish.

I like to consider myself the oils Queen ;)

The tamanu tree (Calophyllum inophyllum) is native to Polynesia and southeast Asia and has been used there as a first aid and cosmetic topical medicine. It is considered vulnerary, cicatrizing (promotes the formation of new tissue), antioxidant, and antineuralgic. The kernel must be dried on a rack for a month or so before being pressed for oil. After time passes, the kernel becomes sticky with a rich oil, and this is what we know as tamanu oil! Cosmetically, it is used to promote healthy, clear and blemish-free skin.

It is also very soothing, soft and silky!

Is Tamanu YOUR Oil?

There are SO many oils to choose from for moisturizing and dealing with skin issues, it’s easy to get confused about which one is right for you! I like to use a quick method for figuring this out, so take these two steps to figure out if tamanu is your oil:

1) Determine your skin type -in the middle of the day is your skin dry, oily, or neither? -is your skin cool, warm, or neither to the touch? Tamanu is a great general moisturizer for dry and warm to cool skin. It has a moist to neutral texture, a heavy weight and is neutral to cool in temperature. It is similar to olive oil in fatty acid composition, yet absorbs more quickly. So if you are struggling with dry skin this may be your oil!

2) What skin conditions are you going through? Tamanu oil is really beneficial for the following skin conditions:

Acne- it is antibacterial and heals wounds (which acne kind of is!)

Acne scarring- greatly promotes the formation of new tissue, therefore it will help the skin to heal properly with less pitting. I suggest using it on active acne lesions as well as through the healing process. There have been great results with tamanu for this purpose.

Anti-aging- tamanu is antioxidant and can help lessen signs of aging including fine lines, discolorations and loss of tone.

Other traditional folk medicine uses include:
• Cuts, scrapes, burns
• Insect bites
• Psoriasis
• Anal fissures
• Sunburn
• Dry skin
• Blisters
• Eczema
• Herpes sores
• To reduce body odor
• Pain relief
• Diaper rashes

So, tamanu may be for you if you are having dry skin, acne issues or want to lessen scars (old and new). It is also a good general moisturizer! As usual, make sure to purchase raw, unrefined, cold-pressed oil.

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