My Review of 100% Pure *Jasmine Green Tea Gift Set*

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The Jasmine Green Tea Gift Set is light, refreshing and protective.

With all the benefits of using green tea for skin, I found this skin care set super exciting and promising. 100% Pure is a truly natural company, using no chemicals or fillers in their products. They have a full line for all skin types, plus natural makeup and hair care.

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Product Name Jasmine Green Tea Skin Care Gift Set
Category Facial skin care for both women and men
Details The set includes:
  • Vegan facial cleansing brush
  • 1.5 fl oz Jasmine Green Tea Cleanser
  • 2 fl oz Jasmine Green Tea Tonique
  • 0.6 fl oz Jasmine Green Tea Moisturizer
  • A gift box made from 100% post consumer recycled paper
Benefits Green tea has unique benefits for the skin, including being very high in antioxidants and even as a protector against skin cancers. Read the article Green Tea for Skin for more on the benefits.
Skin Type Normal to dry; though I find green tea to be very useful for oily skin (being naturally astringent) and the formula overall would be suitable for all skin types as well. So, I am declaring this for all skin types! Also great for skin damaged by the sun to promote healing.
My experience When my package arrived (2 days after ordering- and I’m on the other side of the country!), I was pleasantly surprised by the free gifts included. Taken aback at first by the packaging, it occurred to me that it is a gift set and so this is nice- PLUS, all 100% Pure packaging is from recycled materials.

Though I am not a huge fan of soap-based cleansers for the face, I did give it a go. When combined with the Jasmine Green Tea Tonique and followed by the Moisturizer, my skin felt smooth and soft.

However, I would not use the cleanser alone, though it is super-enriched with rose water, aloe vera and other great ingredients, it would still be too drying.The brush is super soft and a great exfoliator. It is also vegan. The cleanser is foaming and thin because it has no fillers- a great thing! I really like the smell of it too.

The tonique also has a nice smell and I spray it onto my hands to apply since it sort of shoots out. Being oh so light and easily absorbed, I found that applying 2 coats of the moisturizer worked best for my skin which is on the more dry side nowadays.

Takeaways This is a great set useful for sun damaged and all skin types. It is light, refreshing and very enriching for the skin. If your skin is super dry, you may find you can do without the cleanser and use two squirts from the moisturizer. All in all, a lovely skin set that would make a great and special gift.
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